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【院生投稿】Rahmatuloev Khayyom さん(OSIPP博士前期課程)


Rahmatuloev Khayyom (MEXT student from Tajikistan)              

I am a graduate student of Osaka School of International Public Policy. I am taking MA in International Public Policy on a scholarship by the Japanese Government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology – MEXT).

The MEXT scholarship allowed me to choose a program and university to study in Japan. Considering all factors, which were important for me, I chose to study International Relations (IR) in OSIPP. Today, I am sure that I made right decision.

I chose Osaka University because I wanted to study in Kansai area while attending one of the best universities in Japan and the world. I like the Kansai region because of its history, cuisine, inspiring architecture, and accommodating locals. In addition, compared to other regions, Kansai offers lower cost of living.

I am interested in IR as it fits in perfectly with my career aims. I want to become a diplomat and work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tajikistan.

I would say that the previous semesters I stayed in OSIPP is highly relevant to my personal goals. OSIPP is greatly helping me improve my knowledge and skills. OSIPP provides me access to academic facilities and lectures by world-renowned IR and related fields experts. Moreover, OSIPP has provided me with conducive learning environment such that I continue to be able to exchange ideas freely with Japanese and international students. My interactions with students from all over the world also provided me with insights that I would have missed had I not opted for an international academic institution like OSIPP.

First year in Osaka University

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Before applying to the Master’s program, I was a research student in Osaka University for one year. I had low level of Japanese language skills and was not familiar with all the administrative procedures. Fortunately, both Osaka University and OSIPP have excellent support services staff for international students. OSIPP staff members have helped and supported me a lot before and during my stay in the university.

As a research student, I took several Japanese language courses and participated in various interesting lectures. During my stay as a research student, I met and befriended fellow students who continue to make my stay in Japan more interesting and fun.