2022年度博士論文 タイトル一覧





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氏名 博士論文名
VAN DER VEERE Anoma Phichai The ‘International’ University in Japan and The Netherlands
WEI LIANGSHAN 中国環境訴訟制度の生成と展開
OLIVER KELSEY DANIELLE Foreign Aid Bureaucracies in Times of Humanitarian Crisis: How Media and Congressional Attention Shape USAID Responses to Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
SHEN YANNI Essays on the Relationship between Development and Well-being
PROSPERE DILOU Natural Disasters and Economic Development
金 栄録 Essays on the giving behavior and public policy:
 Empirical evidence from South Korea
中島 剛 国立大学法人の評価制度に関する実証分析
寺谷 渉 都市の縮小とアメリカ市政
田 浩呈 中国民法典と家族政策に関する一考察
NGUYEN ANH TUYET Essays on inequality in healthcare utilization among older people in Vietnam